dal 1980 al vostro servizio

The company ALLTRONIC boast a long experience in the field of actuating systems for automatic gates (gate-openers) and in the line of gas detection and interception. We are well known and respected by one and all and the trade-mark ALLTRONIC is the guarantee of reliability. The years of study and application have permitted to our technicians to grasp the specificity of each and every product and to enlarge its capacity having in mind the different demands of usage. That's why our equipment is secure, reliable and doesn't bring any problems whatsoever of installation. The particular attention of our company toward the security problem is proved by facts; as a maatter of facts, already since 1982 all our automatic entrance equipment was in accordance with the current directive UNI 8612. The technicians of ALLTRONIC have tried to exceed the standard security limits in the Gas Line, as well. Thanks to the study of dangerous and risky situations they have created the line of products which go in alarm in case of damage, obstruction, removal, breackage or wrong regulation of the sensor etc. The ambitious objective of our company is to offer always something more: more security, more flexibility, more comfort; an objective guaranteed by the seriousness showed till now and proved by facts.